Information Technology

Excalon is committed to using the latest Information Technology to support our business.

In recognition of climate and industry changes, Excalon has continued to invest in its Information Technology Strategy, with a goal of using cutting edge technology to support our delivery of utility infrastructure solutions. Using the latest mobile devices and cloud technology we are able to provide ourselves, our clients and ultimately our customers with real-time status updates of work instructions along with real-time management and monitoring of performance and safety levels.

A core part of our IT capability is our E-Track Works Management System. This system consists of a number of modules that support the delivery of our work instructions and projects from start to finish.

Job Dispatch and Management – Planning Team

Tablet & SmartphoneThe Job Dispatch and Management module of Excalon’s Works Management system, used by the planning team and operatives, enables the business to carry out work instructions more efficiently, ensuring the operatives have all the information needed to carry out the work effectively and safely.

Each field operative receives the job details on their mobile device, including address, job attachments, drawings and workflow for completion.

The system also provides Dynamic Routing, where the system identifies the most efficient route for operatives on their way to a job based on their GPS location, route maps and up-to-date traffic data at the job location.

The system enables instant feedback from operatives and real time visibility of work progress.

The Job Dispatch and Management system also has intelligent notifications configured that will automatically notify the next stage in a work instruction. For example, once the excavation stage of a work instruction has been completed, a notification is sent immediately to the jointing team and the jointing workflow is initiated.

Site Health and Safety auditing – Health and Safety Team

Health & SafetyExcalon have intelligently invested in its IT systems to support its health and safety commitments. The Works Management system health and safety module ensures that we meet regulations and that staff follow the correct procedures to increase safety and reduce workplace risk. For example, the system ensures that all risk assessments are filled in on site. Any significant risk involved is highlighted and if this risk is deemed too high then proceeding with the job is prevented and requires contact with the Supervisor or office who can assist with eliminating the associated risk.

The Health and Safety module allows Excalon to track how safely on site work is performed by our employees and makes sure they work in a safe manner and react to any unsafe behaviour.

The system allows Excalon to have visibility of what is happening on site in real-time. Through the use of live site safety audits containing multiple images along with logical routing of health and safety issues as they occur.

Safety at Street works Compliance Database - Health and Safety Team

Before, during and after any works are carried out, multiple photos and site safety reports take place.  A trained individual in the head office then carefully inspects the photos and reports to ensure compliance and safety, and if necessary, take action to rectify any concerns.

Any non-compliances or concerns are logged in Street works Compliance Database and relevant management \ supervisors are automatically notified.

The information that is inserted into the Street works Compliance Database is then used as management information to highlight any trends or areas of concern that need addressing.

Works Order Management System – Commercial Team

Works Order Management SystemOur own in-house IT support and application development team enable us to respond rapidly to change and business needs. This has been demonstrated recently with our internal systems integration with Electricity North West’s new Nexus project, allowing us to continue and improve our system integration relationship as Electricity North West goes through its IT application infrastructure upgrade.

The Works Order management system is used by our Commercial Department and automatically accepts work instructions direct from ENWL's SAP implementation and provides ENWL with updates on works instruction progress.

Also work instruction variation notification is managed providing up to date work instruction details to both ENWL and Excalon’s Commercial department.

Customer Relationship Management – CSAT Team

Excalon have recognised industry changes and have invested in exceeding the expectation of the customer with the utilisation of our Customer touch point framework (CTPF). This framework is a set of best practices that enable us to serve the customer in the best possible way.

The Customer Relationship Management module is used by our Customer Satisfaction Team (CSAT), a typical example is shown below.

Tablet & Survey Results

Using the Customer Relationship Management module all interactions with our customers will be captured, recorded and managed. We are able to provide the customer with relevant updates using the customers own preferred method of contact. This includes phone, email or text message

This module also enables us to automatically maintain contact with the customer at key points through the works being carried out. For example; if an operative is running late, the Works Management system allows the operative to send a pre-automated text to the customer alerting them to this and providing a new estimated time of arrival. Similarly a message is sent to supervisors who, if needs be can investigate this situation or send another operative if required.