Directional Drilling Services


Excalon is highly experienced in directional drilling operations and other trenchless technology techniques.


Excalon provides a comprehensive directional drilling service (and other trenchless technology techniques) for installing ducts underground, which is undertaken by an experienced team of engineers, project managers and rig operators.

Directional drilling is a steerable, trenchless solution for installing ducts/pipes in the ground and is a preferred solution used extensively within the utilities industry to pass under:

  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Railways
  • Rivers and water courses
  • Airport runways
  • Motorways and major roads
Directional Drilling
Directional Drilling
Directional Drilling
Benefits of using directional drilling techniques include:
  • No Section 58 restrictions
  • Minimising disruption all round
  • No road closures, restricted working or, premium rates applied
  • Elimination of deep excavations
  • Minimal impact upon the environment