Excalon - Contractor of the Year 2014 - 2015

  • Published on: 10 April 2015
  • By: Kirsty
Contractor of the Year 2014 - 2015

Excalon has been named as “CONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR” by the North West’s Electricity Distribution Network Operator, Electricity North West Ltd. [ENWL]

Excalon’s Managing Director [Kevin O’Donnell] and Operations Director [ Dessie Donnelly] attended the ENWL Contractors’ Forum on 14th April 2015, where they received the award.

The Forum is a platform for both contractors and ENWL. to collaborate on a number of relevant contract and industry issues and pool information in an attempt to utilise best practices across the ENWL area.

Danny Wilson [ Excalon’s Commercial Director] said : “This is a massive accolade as the award is not just specific to any part of the business, but shows the general recognition that ENWL. sees in our day to day activities and is testament to the hard work , dedication and commitment of everyone at Excalon”.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Kevin O’Donnell [Excalon’s Managing Director] has thanked everyone at Excalon for their part in achieving this award. He has acknowledged that without the efforts of all members of staff in every department, the award would not have been secured.

“I have found the Excalon team extremely supportive and engaging in our quest to improve customer satisfaction. We have worked together on developing standards and end to end processes that enable a better service to be provided to our customers. The ideas, commitment and pace that Excalon bring has been refreshing and has really helped us bring about positive changes quickly
Testimonial from Mr. Lee Maxwell [ENWL’s Energy Solution Director]